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APCSAsia Pacific Cities Summit
APCSAdvanced Pre Crash System
APCSAdvanced Pre Collision System
APCSAdvanced Placement Computer Science
APCSAlexandria Park Community School (Sydney, Australia)
APCSAir Pollution Control System
APCSAsia Pacific Computer Services
APCSAcademics Plus Charter School (Maumelle, AR)
APCSAutomated Project Control System (NASA)
APCSAssociation pour la Promotion des Carrières Sanitaires (French: Association for the Promotion of Sanitation Careers)
APCSArgonne Premium Coal Sample
APCSAssembly for the Promotion of Civil Society (Cuba)
APCSAssociation des Propriétaires de Challenger Scout (French boating association)
APCSApproach Power Control Set
APCSAeronautical Production Control System
APCSAdvanced Passenger Control System (biometrics, airports, transportation)
APCSAssociaçao Portuguesa dos Chartered Surveyors (Portuguese: Portuguese Association of Chartered Surveyors)
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In 2001, 19,000 boys completed the Advanced Placement computer science test, but only 2,400 girls took the exam.
It can serve as a minimal requirement in itself or as a prerequisite for advanced computing courses, such as the advanced placement computer science course.
Of the 962 high school students in Michigan who took the Advanced Placement Computer Science exam in 2016, only 22% were female.
Only 71 schools or 11% of Michigan schools - offered Advanced Placement computer science course.
A course on JAVA will be offered in a few DoDEA schools this year, but the 2003-2004 school year will be considered the implementation year, when JAVA will be the language of choice in advanced placement computer science courses throughout the school system.
Stephen Quinn, the Director of Technology at Norfolk Academy, has held similar positions at several other independent schools' He is also the Advanced Placement Computer Science teacher.
The two introductory courses should be consistent with the Advanced Placement Computer Science Course as recommended by the College Board [3].
CS1C@OC-Building a Local Area Network of Computer Science Teachers, Debra Richardson, Mark Warschauer, Rebecca Black, Elizabeth van Es and Elizabeth Simon, University of California-Irvine -- The project will develop a program of study to satisfy California's new teacher certification pathway in Computer Science, preparing in-service teachers in Orange County to qualify for this certification so they can teach Exploring Computer Science or Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles in California.
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