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AREVAdvanced Revelation
AREVAlternative Rouge et Verte (French: Alternate Red and Green; political party; est. 1989)
AREVAlthea Rosea Enation Virus (microbiology)
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The customer and A/R files are downloaded from the mainframe to the credit department fileserver and then imported into the Advanced Revelation program.
2 release of OpenInsight with a 32-bit implementation came out, "that is when it really came together" and customers who were on Advanced Revelation embraced a move to OpenInsight, he said.
Revelation NLM has also been tested and certified to work with applications created with Advanced Revelation, the company's DOS-based development tools.
As part of that process, Gaines and Jarvis have moved the company from Advanced Revelation to OpenInsight, Revelation Software's flagship platform.
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