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ADVAAmerical Division Veterans Association
ADVAAlabama Department of Veterans Affairs (Montgomery, AL)
ADVAAdvanced Soviet
ADVAAmerican Deaf Volleyball Association
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During the Cold War, Airmen emphasized the use of sophisticated air and space forces to contend with the technologically advanced Soviet military, but episodes such as the Vietnam War periodically spurred the Air Force to acquire simpler aircraft to conduct IW.
Overnight, a landing strip was built to accommodate the most advanced Soviet bombers: planes so fast a Russian pilot could have a burrito in Ambigua and wash it down with a bowl of borscht in Lenin's tomb.
On that occasion the nation's TV screens glowed with disclosures, which subsequently turned out to be false, that a freighter carrying "advanced Soviet MIG fighters' was nearing a Nicaraguan port and that the Reagan Administration would regard the importation of such MIGs as an unacceptable escalation by Nicaragua.
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