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These include PCI Express, ASI (advanced switching interconnect), and InfiniBand among the serial varieties, the parallel HyperTransport, and RapidIO, which is being fielded in both parallel and serial versions.
WAVS Vision System: WAVS--work area vision system, is a machine-mounted, closed-circuit vision system developed specifically for heavy-duty applications that allows operator views with up to three cameras using advanced switching algorithms.
Denali's PureSpec(TM) Verification IP product supports all complex interfaces, including PCI Express, Advanced Switching Interconnect (ASI), USB, Ethernet and Serial ATA II.
The InSpeed SOC 320 is Emulex's latest generation of 2 Gb/s embedded storage switch technology, incorporating a host of innovative features and functionality that are an outgrowth of Emulex's years of experience in helping solution providers integrate advanced switching architectures into their disk arrays.
The 4100 series uses advanced switching matrix technology and supports a new atto sense and switch unit (ASU) that enables automation of parametric instruments without compromising measurement performance.
In addition, the PI7C21P100 is designed to be compatible with emerging PCIExpress and Advanced Switching Interconnect standards.
The technology evolution most responsible lot minimizing Ethernet's nondeterminism are the advanced switching technologies that let multiple devices simultaneously transmit and receive data over multiple network loops.
The WJ-SX150A Matrix Switcher from Panasonic Security Systems Group of Secaucus, New Jersey, features 16x4 cross-point configuration that is ideal for small system applications that require advanced switching capabilities.
MISD has incorporated advanced switching technology and wireless communications systems to support connectivity between multiple laboratories.
ADVA Optical Networking Advanced Switching Communications Akara All Optical Networks Inc.
Advanced Switching Communications Inc (ASC) has introduced two new products that significantly improve the speed and flexibility of the company's A-4000 broadband access platform.
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