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AT3Advanced Tactical Targeting Technology (US DARPA)
AT3Aviation Electronics Technician 3rd Class (US Navy)
AT3Automatic Tactical Targeting and Tracking
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As a complement to this Advanced Tactical Targeting Technology Program, as it is called, in which information can be quickly transmitted between aircraft, DARPA is also overseeing development of the Tactical Targeting Network Technologies, which aims to lower the latency and improve the bandwidth of the tactical datalink called Link 16.
(Tucson, AZ) -- for the Phase-II development of the USAF's next-generation emittertargeting system for lethal suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD) under the Advanced Tactical Targeting Technology (AT3) program.
AT3 The DARPA-funded Advanced Tactical Targeting Technology (AT3) program seeks to expand aircraft ESM abilities in way similar to the PLAID program; this program, however, seeks to design a multiplatform RF targeting system capable of finding threat radars from standoff ranges and directing GPS-guided weapons, such as the Joint Stand-Off Weapon.
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