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BEIRUT: A ceremony was held Thursday to mark the conclusion of advanced training activities of 50 members of the Presidential Guard, organized by the Italian bilateral military mission in Lebanon.
Remote advanced training of teachers will be launched on the basis of institutions and methodic centers.
Registration for OMAC members is $200 for Basic Training and $250 for Advanced Training before Feb.
Regarded as the second phase of the Astro Kem Bola program, the Advanced Training camp is an intensive experience that formally immersed the young athletes in the rigors of football.
She said advanced training of CT scan technicians will also be assured.
During a briefing by Project Management Unit (PMU) on Monday, Dr Yasmin said that advanced training of CT scan technicians must be arranged.
When the time came for us to go to advanced training, we all got in the lorries and they took us down to the water and put us on boats.
"For many of our customers who are FIRST-certified, there is a higher expectation of what our sales people can offer due to their advanced training," explains Lee Zerfass, digital business manager for Anderson & Vreeland.
The advanced training programme, addressing loss of control in-flight, has been developed by APS, a firm specialised in upset prevention and recovery training, and CAE, a provider of full-flight simulation training.
Summary: There are hopes an advanced training unit for industrial firefighting will help save millions of dirhams that are lost due to fires.
Advanced Training Associates, a career training college in El Cajon, CA announced today the first graduating class in the school's new degree program for professional medical assistants.
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