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ADTRANAdvanced Transmission
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* Komatsu Advanced Transmission with Optimum Modulation Control System (K-ATOMiCS) adjusts shifting performance according to demand for a more comfortable ride and reduced material spillage.
This article details the process and validation testing that Dow Corning conducted to develop next-generation fluorosilicone rubber (FSR) for effective sealing of current ATFs used in advanced transmission designs.
CICC distributes GWTV to its target areas with the most advanced transmission technologies including digital satellite and fiber optical transportation services.
We are excited to expand production in South Korea, supplying advanced transmission technologies to help improve performance and fuel economy for drivers around the world.'
Its aluminium construction, advanced transmission and highly tuned engine combine to make this one of the most comprehensively engineered Mercedes performance cars we've ever seen.
Writing for readers who are already familiar with radio-frequency and microwave engineering, he covers fundamentals of planar transmission lines; artificial transmission lines based on periodic structures; metamaterial transmission lines: fundamentals, theory, circuit models, and main implementations; radio-frequency and microwave applications of metamaterial transmission lines; reconfigurable, tunable, and nonlinear artificial transmission lines; and other advanced transmission lines.
With its advanced transmission technologies and strongly localised manufacturing footprint, Alstom T&D India is ready to support the state government's plans to strengthen the transmission network backbone, and to distribute quality power efficiently to the consumers."
The solution suite offers operators a scalable shared hub platform which can start small, easily support a full range of network topologies, and incorporates the most advanced transmission technologies available today at both ends of a circuit.
To meet these regulations a wide variety of avenues are being explored such as: combustion system efficiency improvements; reduction in engine throttling, parasitic, and idling losses; electrification/hybridization; and advanced transmission architectures.
On top of the Hofu plant, Mazda envisions starting operating a new plant for the advanced transmission in Thailand in fiscal 2015, it added.
Optibelt UK are the UK distribution and support centre for German based Optibelt GmbH, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high quality and technically advanced transmission belts.
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