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ATISAdvanced Traveler Information System
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ATISAdvanced Traveler Information Services
ATISAutomated Terminal Information Service
ATISAutomatic Transmitter Identification System
ATISAir Travel Information System
ATISAutomated Terminal Information System
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ATISAutomated Travel Information System
ATISAlliance for the Telecommunications Industry Solutions
ATISAutomatic Traffic Information System
ATISA Tool Interface Standard
ATISAutomated Tactical Information System
ATISAdvanced Tactical Information System
ATISAvenger Threat Interface System
ATISAutomatic Thermal Impedance Scanning
ATISAmerican Transportation Insurance Services (Loomis, CA)
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Advanced Traveler Information System. Washington, D.C.: Institute of Transportation Engineers.
Advanced Traveler Information Systems currently are deployed in several areas around the country.
Mobility 2000, an informal group of individuals from government, industry and educational institutions whose goal is to define a national cooperative program for IVHS, has broken down IVHS technologies into four areas, including advanced vehicle control systems (AVCS), advanced traffic management systems (ATMS), advanced traveler information systems and commercial vehicle operation (CVO).
For example, simulation models and field tests of Advanced Traffic Management Systems and Advanced Traveler Information Systems report fuel savings of about 3 to 13 percent.
Department of Transportation (USDOT) study of advanced traveler information systems (ATIS) found that the potential benefits of traveler information are greatest in cities with the most day-to-day network variability.
Under "Operations," readers can find reports on technologies such as advanced traveler information systems, global positioning systems, and various intelligent transportation systems.
In June 2003, FHWA published Travel Time Data Collection for Measurement of Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) Accuracy (Contract No.: DTFH61-00-C-00001).
That report, Intelligent Transportation Systems: Critical Standards, issued in June 1999, included standards for Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) among those critical to national interoperability.
Examples of these technologies include in-vehicle navigation/route-guidance systems, advanced traveler information systems (ATIS), and collision-warning systems.
The resulting product of this program is the highly anticipated, recently published Human Factors Design Guidelines for Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) and Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) (Publication No.
It is becoming clear that the widespread deployment of advanced traveler information systems is not happening as quickly as many transportation stakeholders would like to see.
Research on Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) will lead to recommendations to be published in future editions of the Design Guidelines for ATIS/CVO.
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