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AWSAmazon Web Services
AWSAmerican Welding Society
AWSAdvanced Warning System
AWSAutomatic Weather Station
AWSAdvanced Wireless Services
AWSAsynchronous Web Services
AWSAscom Wireless Solutions (various locations)
AWSAlien Workshop (skateboard company)
AWSAssociation of Women Surgeons (est. 1981)
AWSAlarm Will Sound (band)
AWSAll Water Service (shipping)
AWSAmerican Watercolor Society
AWSArchitectural Window Systems (various locations)
AWSAlternative Water Supply (various locations)
AWSAuxiliary Water Supply (various organizations)
AWSAmerican Wine Society
AWSAuthentication Web Server
AWSActive Web Services
AWSAdsl Workstation
AWSAssembly Workstation
AWSAll Wheels Steering
AWSAdvanced Web Solutions
AWSAdvanced Web Server
AWSAda Web Server
AWSApache Web Server
AWSAnalysis Workstation
AWSAdvanced Web Search
AWSAdvance Weight Sensor
AWSAustria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH
AWSAutomatic Warning System
AWSAT&T Wireless Services
AWSAlternative Work Schedule
AWSAdvice and Welfare Services (UK)
AWSAs We Speak
AWSAir Weather Service
AWSAlcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
AWSAverage Weekly Sales
AWSArchimedes Wave Swing
AWSA Wilhelm Scream (band)
AWSAlternate Work Schedule
AWSAEGIS Weapon System
AWSAll-Women Shortlist (politics; UK)
AWSAutomated Workflow System (software)
AWSAmerican Warmblood Society
AWSAdvance Warning Signal
AWSAdaptive Wireless System (computing)
AWSAnnual Wage Supplement (employee compensation)
AWSAsian Women's Shelter (San Francisco, CA)
AWSAll-Weather Speaker (audio equipment)
AWSAkcja Wyborcza Solidarnosc (Election Action Solidarity, political party in Poland)
AWSApple Workgroup Server
AWSAdvanced White Society
AWSAlternative Workplace Strategies
AWSAircraft Warning Service
AWSAdvanced Wideband System
AWSAbyss Web Server
AWSAbrupt Wing Stall
AWSAbfallwirtschaftssystem (software)
AWSAccessible Wilderness Society (Canada)
AWSAssociate Writer to the Signet
AWSAlagille-Watson Syndrome
AWSArrow Weapons System (Israel)
AWSAdministration Workstation
AWSAutomated Weather Source, Inc. (weather forecast provider)
AWSAnalyst Workstation
AWSArea Weapon System (gun-cannon on attack helicopter)
AWSAmplify Weak Sectors (CloneCD feature)
AWSAmerican Welding Standards
AWSAthlete Whereabouts System (UK)
AWSAir Warning Service
AWSADSL Workstation (Hekimian)
AWSAtlanta Wind Symphony (Atlanta, GA)
AWSAuto Windscreens Shield
AWSAgency Walker Services (France)
AWSAvenue-Web Systèmes (French: Avenue-Web Systems; est. 1999)
AWSArbitrary Waveform Synthesizer
AWSAdvanced Wideband Satellite
AWSAmos W. Steinhacker (comic character; Netherlands)
AWSAutomated Warehouse System
AWSAmerican Weather Service
AWSAdvanced Wet Station
AWSAdvanced Water Systems, Inc
AWSAsian Women and Sport
AWSAirport Water Shuttle (Boston, Massachusetts)
AWSAircraft Weapon System
AWSAssociation of Women in Science
AWSAnti-Armor Weapon System
AWSAbsorb While Scan (radar absorbers)
AWSAlabama Writers Symposium
AWSAgency Work Station
AWSAirlock Workstation
AWSAOL Weather Service (Aim Weatherbug)
AWSAnello Web Services
AWSAmphibious Warfare School/Strategy
AWSAdaptive Weighting Strategy
AWSAbstract Wiener Space
AWSAuthenticated Web Server
AWSAccess Window Slot
AWSAtlantic Wholesalers Ltd.
AWSAmerican Walnut Satin (piano manufacturing)
AWSAgainst Wet Sawdust
AWSAbsolute Weight Strength (explosives)
AWSAutomated Warehousing System
AWSAvenger Weapons System
AWSAriise Web Search (Paris, France)
AWSAnti-Androgen Withdrawal Syndrome
AWSAgent's Workstation
AWSAnnapolis Wind Symphony
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(138) The WRC-2000 agreed on spectrum bands to be harmonized for advanced wireless services, referred to as IMT 2000.
Additionally, XLTE, which launched in the Chicago area last year, utilises Verizon's AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) spectrum, and allows Verizon to deliver significantly increased capacity - at a minimum, doubling the capacity - over its high-speed 4G LTE network.
The government of Argentina plans to auction national 4G spectrum in the 700MHz and 1,700MHz/2,100MHz advanced wireless services (AWS) frequency bands and also regional 3G spectrum in the 850MHz SRMC and 1,900MHz personal communications service ranges on October 31 2014.
Later, in a series of separate decisions, the FCC reallocated the licensed portions of the 2 GHz band, once the mainstay of longhaul Private Microwave services, to Personal Communications Services (PCS), to Advanced Wireless Services (AWS), and to Mobile Satellite Services (MSS)--all consumer-based communications services.
Verizon Wireless, a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE, NASDAQ: VZ) and Vodafone (LSE, NASDAQ: VOD), announced Thursday it had gained Federal Communications Commission approval for its plans to acquire Advanced Wireless Services spectrum licenses from SpectrumCo, a joint venture between Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, and from Cox Communications, as well as to complete transactions with Leap Wireless, Savary Island Wireless and T-Mobile.
“With LightSquared, we can now go the final mile and deliver the most advanced wireless services to our customers,” said Ari Zoldan, chief executive officer of Quantum Networks.
To address the growing demand for advanced wireless services, AT&T has added 20 new cell sites in its upstate New York territory this year and expanded its 3G mobile broadband network to 536 sites.
While recent auctions such as Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) further speed up the wireless movement in the United States, no auction like the upcoming 700 MHz auction will have a bigger impact on the growth of commercial grade, next generation networks.
Cingular 3G not only offers advanced wireless services, such as viewing video clips, it enhances existing services by making them run faster.
Under the agreement Brightpoint is authorized to distribute Belkin products, including WLAN and VoIP products, through Brightpoint's established sales channels as well as the sales channels of its newly formed Advanced Wireless Services line of business including value added resellers, system integrators and other customers focused on providing wireless services.
With both CDMA2000 and GSM/GPRS overlays, RCC would be able to offer advanced wireless services compatible with its roaming partners for both standards, according to Ericsson.
"The new Nokia 3590 and 6590 phones will allow Cingular customers to enjoy advanced wireless services available on Cingular Wireless' new GSM/GPRS networks, and the Nokia 6340i phone will allow Cingular Wireless to maximize the usage of all of our network properties while providing the best possible service to customers as they roam nationwide," said Frank Boyer, vice president-supply chain, Cingular Wireless.
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