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Differential effects of PER2 phosphorylation: molecular basis for the human familial advanced sleep phase syndrome (FASPS).
If you have delayed sleep phase syndrome you receive the exposure in the morning, while those with advanced sleep phase syndrome are exposed in the evening.
The trait runs in families and is known as Familial Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome, or Fasps.
The sleep disorder is called Familial Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome (Fasps) and affects people with a fast biological clock whose internal ''day'' is shorter than 24 hours.
The disorder, called Familial Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome (Fasps), affects people with a fast biological clock whose internal "day" is shorter than 24 hours.
Additionally, people with extrinsic circadian sleep disorders, such as shift-workers and frequent time-zone travellers, as well as those who are unable to co-ordinate their intrinsic sleep-wake patterns with the demands of normal life (for example those with Delayed and Advanced Sleep Phase Syndromes) may benefit from an improved therapeutic.
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