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* 64-bit Windows and Linux Servers: The Advantage Database Server was ported to run as a native 64-bit application on the x64 versions of Windows and Linux greatly increasing memory usage capabilities.
Advantage Database Server 8.0, a client/server data management system for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder developers, has been unveiled by iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase Inc (NYSE:SY).
Advantage Database Server 8.0 includes Advantage Replication for easy distribution and replication of data changes, across multiple servers and Advantage Online Backup to enable a "hot" backup of a database to be created.
Extended Systems (Nasdaq:XTND), Boise, Idaho, a leading provider of mobile data management and wireless connectivity solutions, has launched Advantage Database Server version 6.1.
Key new features of Advantage Database Server 6.1 include native support for the Linux operating system, full accessibility via the Internet, improvements in SQL optimization, and a significant reduction in network traffic for even better client/server performance in low bandwidth situations.
Advantage Database Server 6.1 gives developers the flexibility to use a variety of platforms out-of-the box, including Linux, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000 and Novell NetWare.
The new system works together with the company's SQL client/server software, Advantage Database Server. Providing an alternative to traditional two-tier database applications, the combination of the two products allows code to be deployed and maintained at a single point, enabling business processes to be shared by many different types of applications across the enterprise.
Sybase iAnywhere today announced it is further strengthening its database management portfolio with the release of Advantage Database Server? 8.1.
Advantage is designed specifically for application developers who require powerful database functionality that is easy to deploy and doesn't create unnecessary administrative overhead," said Chuck Vertrees, product manager for Advantage Database Server.
Extended Systems (Nasdaq/NMS:XTND), Boise, Idaho, has introduced Advantage Database Server 5.5 with StreamlineSQL.
Advantage Database Server 5.5 is scheduled to begin shipping the second week of August.
The Advantage Database Server is a scalable, seamless, high-performance DBMS for mobile, networked, and Internet networked database applications.