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It was time for something different, and I think we've put together an Adventure of a lifetime."
Jordan said she was happy to see Wurtzbach again, adding that she was looking forward to an adventure of a lifetime in the coming months.
A ROYAL marine has set sail on the adventure of a lifetime.
Travellers will not only enjoy access to the youngest aircraft in the jet card industry, but they will experience an adventure of a lifetime, designed exclusively for them by the award-winning travel experts at Abercrombie & Kent and the Abercrombie & Kent Residence Club.'
Johnny finds the doorway to the adventure of a lifetime in the mysterious black journal.
That would be the adventure of a lifetime." LA-based McGregor still thirsts for thrills.
Fourteen-year-old Danny embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. He is the youngest crew member aboard a northbound ship that's racing to be the first to reach the North Pole.
Her destruction of her mother's prized porcelain china during a tug-of-war match with Samson the Great, her dog, propelled her into the adventure of a lifetime. Readers of all ages will be enveloped in the evermore fun and informative pursuit upon which Rose embarks on in order to replace her mother's rare china.
This is the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime and it was a tremendous honour to be chosen to take part.
A group of sixth-form students are appealing for help to send them on an Andean adventure of a lifetime.
Three months ago, sailor Tim Kent began the adventure of a lifetime: a 28,800-mile voyage around the globe, alone, in a 50-foot sailboat (see GeoSkills, September 20, 2002, p.
heads off on the adventure of a lifetime: she will spend a month crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat called The Wanderer with her three uncles and her two teenaged cousins, fusspot Brian and devil-may-care Cody ...
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