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But one man was killed on the same occasion; and from the very window whence he received his death, the very flag which shielded his murderer (not only in the commission of his crime, but from its consequences), was displayed again on the occasion of the public ceremony performed by the Governor General, to which I have just adverted. Of all the colours in the rainbow, there is but one which could be so employed: I need not say that flag was orange.
Advancing a step further (the doctor was not easily discouraged) he adverted to the news of the Expedition, and took up the tone of remonstrance which had been already adopted by Mrs.
As he renewed his entreaties on our being left along, and adverted with many thanks to the former occasion of our being together, I willingly yielded to his persuasions, and sat down, pretending to examine some curious miniatures and a few old medals which he placed before me.
"This watching of me at my chambers (which I have once had reason to suspect)," I said to Wemmick when he came back, "is inseparable from the person to whom you have adverted; is it?"
The sponsored advert, which has since been removed, said: "Exams not gone to plan?
THE new ban on gambling adverts during and immediately before and after live football matches was broken on the first weekend of the new Premier League season.
The ASA said the advert intended to be light-hearted and comical but portrayed the men as "somewhat hapless and inattentive, which resulted in them being unable to care for the children effectively".
Journalist Declan Cashin tweeted his office had already started speculating over what this year's Christmas advert song would be and who would be singing it, and then joked his guess was Ellie Goulding with the song being Baby Shark.
The short film, which was crowned the "most iconic UK advert of all time" last month, will be shown on ITV on Monday evening.
In the advert, Beau jumps towards the 'nest cam' camera in what appears to be a home video.
The annual advert for the retail giant has become a milestone for the start of the festive season for many people, with this year's offering chronicling the life and work of singer Elton John.