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According to official documents, the Cabinet was informed on September 30, that tobacco use was the single largest preventable cause of death in the world that it caused deaths of around 108,800 persons every year in Pakistan; that smoking tobacco in Pakistan including Sheesha was used by about 3.7 million adults; and that according to WHO Advisory Note, using a Sheesha to smoke tobacco posed a serious health hazard to smokers and to others exposed to the smoke emitted.
The advisory note in Intel's blog post was to stop wearing the Basis Peak watch right away, until a software update solving the issue was rolled out.
Khurshid Khan, Pak EPA Director told the press that Pak-EPA had issued advisory note to CDA to obtain EIA report prior to starting work on the project, after taking notice of advertisements of CDA project in various newspapers couple of months ago.
An advisory note on the department's website reads: "Since 13 July 2014, Tripoli Airport has been closed following clashes that broke out between armed groups in the area surrounding the airport.
Advisory note: water pipe tobacco smoking: health effects, research needs and recommended actions by regulators.
The Sun was the only British newspaper to defy a PCC advisory note not to publish the photos of Harry frolicking in the nude with an unnamed woman in Las Vegas.
A Wayne with Italian words WHEN Wayne Rooney gave an interview to Rome-based newspaper La Repubblica this week, one of our own posher organs ran some of the quotes, with an advisory note to its readers that the England star's "words might seem unusually expressive, having been translated into Italian and back again".
Following the decision awarding Qatar the tournament on December 2, Moody's Investor Service issued an advisory note forecasting that, as a result, Qatari banks would enjoy enhanced business opportunities, better development of domestic franchises, and increased revenues.
Each bridge that had provided us passage there had an advisory note in Bulgarian and in English about just how many people it could carry at a time, and those places where the making of fires was permitted were clearly marked.
The Bahrain Horse Society has brought out an information leaflet about glanders - the advisory note of which was prepared by a renowned international equestrian veterinary consultant, who recently visited Bahrain.
The IMF said this in a "Joint Staff Advisory Note" that was issued after it reviewed the Pakistan government's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper-II (PRSP).
So we would like to advise the reader and all those smokers to read the TopReg Advisory note of the World Health Organisation (2005).
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