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AECBAcute Exacerbation of Chronic Bronchitis
AECBAtomic Energy Control Board
AECBAssociation for Environment Conscious Building (est. 1989; UK)
AECBAssociation for the Export of Canadian Books (est. 1972; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
AECBArms Export Control Board
AECBAsociación de Estudiantes de Ciencias Básicas (Beginning Students of Sciences Association, Guatemala)
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We have already amended the status to closed using the data correction tool with AECB.
Following this session, Ian Hodges, Senior Advisor at AECB, discussed the benefits that the bureau's products and services are adding to the banks' risk assessment and decision-making process.
Ham urged a drastic overhaul of both the AECB and provincial health and safety policies, targeting confused government jurisdictions and unclear OHS policies in the uranium industry.
AECB chair Chris Herring is courageously cycling from West Yorkshire to CAT for this year's conference, in aid of the charity Practical Action.
for the seven-day treatment of CAP and the five-day treatment of AECB.
As the source of the scrap metal had been the military base at CTC Gagetown, the AECB informed the Director General Nuclear Safety (DGNS) at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa of the discovery on May 7, 1998.
63) 4 CAP/3 AECB 1 37 CAP 1 (b) 66 CAP 1 80 AECB/CAP 1 64 CAP 1 50 CAP 1 (b) 79 CAP 21 Clinical trials 13 (7 on 500 mg) NR AECB 4 NR CAP 24(12) Epidemiologic studies 16 (c) -- LRTI 27 (d) -- LRTI 43 Total Risk factors No.
Of these six groups, 98% of all coldbox cores manufactured in North America are either PUCB or AECB.
We thank Les Innes and Felicity Harrison (contract monitors), Francis Sarmiento and Mel Grandame of the AECB, and Rick Manners of Ontario Hydro for their help in coordinating our field study.
The mean close rate to an individual at the surface for all times up to 10,000 years after closure of the facility (an AECB requirement [5]) was estimated to be orders of magnitude less than that corresponding to the AECB's radiological risk criterion and the dose rate from natural background radiation.
Then, according to the AECB, "a specific concurrence of various factors" - an unlikely combination of switch positions at the facility - led to the failure.