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AMODAegis Modernization (US Navy)
AMODArkansas Museum of Discovery (Little Rock, AK)
AMODAssociation for the Management of Organization Design
AMODArmy's Mobility Opportunity & Development Program
AMODArchitectural Management on Demand (China)
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The Navy's PEO IWS strategic vision for Aegis modernization is simple.
These ships are a stopgap, or "pre-modernization," measure until Navy and Pentagon officials decide how to incorporate ballistic missile defense into the massive Aegis modernization program scheduled to start in 2012.
Command leadership participation in Aegis modernization fleet feedback forums and through reviews of Cruiser Class Squadron documents pertaining to commercial off-the-shelf C2 solutions, led Lake Champlain to pursue liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors as an interim solution.
N00024-08-R-5110 (5110), N00024-08-R-5121 (5121), and N00024-08-R-5123 (5123), issued by the Department of the Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), for portions of the Aegis Modernization (AMOD) program.
We are working closely with the Aegis modernization team in PEO IWS 1.0 to put the LAN Radar Data Distribution System (LRADDS) on cruisers and destroyers during COTS refresh (CR3).
The Navy and MDA are engaged in a joint effort to integrate the Aegis BMD capability with the Aegis Modernization Program's Open Architecture (OA) environment.
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