AELIAAssociation d'Etudes Linguistiques Interculturelles Africaines (French)
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Biology and control of Aelia rostrata in Central Anatolia.
We were absolutely impressed with the tenacity with which AELIA has pursued home automaton.
Bates, 1866, tres Charaxinae, Memphis neidhoeferi (Rotger, Escalante & Coronado, 1965), Archaeopreponaphaedra aelia (Godman & Salvin, 1889) y Prepona deiphile diaziana L.
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This, too, was leveled in 135 AD when the emperor Hadrian began the work on his new Roman city of Aelia Capitolina.
Aelia, part of the Lagardere Services group, and Servair, the world's third largest airline catering and air transport logistics company, have renamed their joint subsidiary.
3) Some other archer cohorts were clearly raised elsewhere: I Bosporanorum, III Bracaraugustanorum, I Cretum, III Augusta Cyrenaica, I Aelia Gaesata, I Numidarum, I Thracum and III Thracum Syriaca.
Note-se que a idade minima estabelecida pela Lex Aelia Sentia para que um escravo pudesse alcancar a liberdade era de trinta anos (cf.
The joint venture will combine the activities of Societe de distribution aeroportuaire (SDA), another venture owned by the two groups, with those of Duty Free Paris and the fashion and accessories business of Duty Free Associates, an Aelia subsidiary based at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports.
The European Uniona[euro](tm)s competition watchdog gave its approval for the formation of an airport shopping joint venture between Francea[euro](tm)s Aeroports de Paris SA (EPA:ADP) and Aelia, a unit of media company Lagardere SCA (EPA:MMB).
when the pagan city Aelia Capitolina was established," Sion added.
Consequently, Jerusalem was renamed Aelia (10), and even a temple of Jupiter was built here under the reign of Hadrian.