AEMSAsian Educational Media Service
AEMSAssociate of Engineering and Management Studies (degree)
AEMSAdvanced Event Management System (software)
AEMSAircraft Engine Management System
AEMSAdvanced Enclosed Mast/Sensor
AEMSAdvanced Element Management System
AEMSAgricultural Environmental Management Services (Oklahoma)
AEMSAutomated Energy Management System
AEMSAdvocates for Emergency Medical Services
AEMSArvinMeritor Environmental Management System
AEMSAdverse Event Management Suite (health care risk management)
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In this study, vinyl IL monomer was synthesized with a vinyl group named 1-butyl-3-(4-vinylbenzyl)imidazolium chloride ([BVBI][Cl]) in order to prepare AEMs. After that, photocopolymerization of the [BVBI][Cl] was performed in the presence of acrylonitrile and styrene as comonomers in order to synthesize AEMs.
As communicated on 5 February 2009, based on the new scope excluding Italy and AEMS Exchange which were disposed of during the year, full-year 2008 Group revenue reached EUR 5 479 million which represented an organic growth of +5.6 per cent.
In April 2002 the AEMs signed the ASEAN Sectoral Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
(71.) 388 TFW history, Sep-Dec 67 containing 388 AEMS history, April 67, USAF microfilm No 584 frames 0225-0226, 0234-0237, and 0173.
Desorbed soil N[O.sub.3]-N from AEMs has been correlated with yield in perennial grassland (Collins and Allinson, 1999) and clipping yield, visual quality, and light reflectance measurement in turf (Kopp and Guillard, 2002; Mangiafico and Guillard, 2005).
"But AEMs don't need as much maintenance since they're not as mechanical in nature." DuCoin says that experienced integrators familiar with both the technology and the specific needs of a facility can often determine ways to make AEM installation and operation less costly than the traditionally used chain conveyor.
The AEMS is a 93-foot high, hexagonal structure, 35 feet in diameter, enclosing radar, major antennas and other sensitive equipment to protect them from the weather, The Navy was trying to demonstrate that the mast can help lessen maintenance and repairs on the ship, as well as reduce the radar signature.
The UK Government is funding a collaborative research project between the Camborne School of Mines and UK-based Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems (AEMS).
This hits AEMs harder than it does the large, commercial telescope companies, which buy glass in volume at reduced prices.
In addition, the silica with quaternary ammonium groups could be grafted into polymer chains via chemical reactions, which was an effective and simple way to synthesize AEMs. High tensile strength and elastic moduli of composite membranes could be achieved by using sol-gel method to form a crosslinked network structure.
Further energy saving features include soft start options and the use of bi-directional fans coupled with built-in data logging functions for the AEMS (Automated Energy Management System) available via USB port extraction.