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Do you read Aeolic Greek?"--without answering my question about the inscription.
In coastal dunes, characterized by a successive ontogenesis, grey dunes, although structurally similar may show extensive spatial correlation in environmental characteristics related to microclimate, soil properties and aeolic dynamics (sand over-blowing).
A Aeolic,B Doric,C Gothic,D Hellenic pounds 32,000:Whose last words were belie ved to have been: ``Thank God I have done my duty''?
Do I need to know that "Syracuse was founded by the Corinthians, who worshipped Artemis?" Would Alcaeus really write, "When I think of beautiful green Lesbos, it merges in my mind with a vision of violet-haired Sappho or Psappho, as you call yourself in our beautiful Aeolic dialect"?
These metrically unregulated (extrametrical) positions are known as the Aeolic Base in Greek metrics (Maas 1962: section 33; Raven 1962: section 132).
I use the recent Powell translation because he attempts to "preserve Sappho's rhythms" (40) and her "Aeolic measures [that] transfer into English with remarkable felicity" (41); his attention to rhythms and measures is important to my argument about H.D.'s syntax and diction.
Particular discoveries include an Aeolic capital, an ivory spindle from Troy VII, and two unusual `volute-kraters' apparently of late 2nd century B.C.
aeolic Greek Aiolikos,literally, of the Aeolians, a people of ancient Greece
Such repetitive units can be organized in metrical systems based upon one or more of such factors as (a) the length of the vowels (as in most types of ancient Greek and Latin poetry), (b) stress in pronunciation (as in medieval Latin and in English and German poetry), or (c) the number of syllables (as in Aeolic verse, French alexandrines, and haiku).