Aeq.Aequian (linguistics)
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The analysis of criteria and content validity provide further evidence for differentiating between the FAR and ER scales, which is consistent with the AEM (Hasenbring et al., 2009) and the results of the original AEQ. All the FAR scales were positively related to pain intensity, functional disability, functional impairment, depression, pain-related anxiety, general anxiety, and fear-avoidance beliefs.
La Tabla 1 presenta los estadisticos descriptivos (media, desviacion tipica, asimetria y curtosis) de los items que configuran el cuestionario AEQ. Como se observa, todos los valores de asimetria y curtosis cumplen con el criterio de normalidad propuesto por Curran et al.
It is argued that this three-component structure corresponds with the "minimal" structure of the original AEQ.
The Malay term is "Raja Ulu Aeq." [Editor: note, in this and the preceding paper, "q" signifies a glottal stop]