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AEQAequalis (Latin: Equal)
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AeqAcide Équivalent (French: Acid Equivalent)
AEQAgent Entretien Qualifié (French: Qualified Maintenance Officer)
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By a different route, Dumont, of course, reaches a similar conclusion--his "homo hierarchicus" is the anti-individual corresponding to the self-validating individual of Rousseau, "homo aequalis.
Dumont has characterized the resulting profound divide between the societies as one between Homo aequalis, which believe all men are born equal (as the philosophes and the American Declaration of Independence proclaimed), and Homo hierarchicus, which believe no such thing.
95--This is a reworking in English by Dumont himself (except for one chapter translated by Sybil Wolfram and three and a half chapters "[t]ranslated by Christophe Robert and revised by the author") of his Homo Aequalis II: L'Ideologie allemande, France-Allemagne et retour (1991).
1980; Flint & Younk 1983; Flint & Kalke 1986; Montagna & Kalke 1992) include: Streblospio benedicti, Paraprionospio pinnata, Apoprionospio pygmeae, Minuspio cirrifera, Onuphis eremita oculata, Owenia fusiformis, Mulinia lateralis, and Abra aequalis.
2 percent on that first day, the Netherlands device manufacturer (known for its Aequalis line of shoulder arthroplasty prostheses as well as the Nex-Fix system for reconstructive foot surgery, among other products) recovered surprisingly well on Aug.
Red schizostylis coccinea Major, russet-coloured helenium Moerheim Beauty, cool yellow phygelius aequalis Yellow Trumpet, blue agapanthus Headbourne Hybrids and bright blue aster frikartii Monch all provide late colour.
Look out for Phygelius aequalis 'Yellow Trumpet' or P.
His Homo Hierarchicus (1966) examined the Indian caste system; in a series of writings under the general title Homo Aequalis, he has investigated modern European ideology, moving deftly through intellectual history from Aquinas to Schiller, from Adam Smith to Thomas Mann.
Aradus aequalis is relatively infrequently collected, but occurs from Maine, Quebec, and Ontario south to Illinois and Virginia.
aequalis, which produces orange flowers or "Yellow Trumpet", with its creamy yellow blooms.
Others used the abbreviation ae or oe (for the Latin aequalis or 'equal') into the 1700s.
1) In that study, Nigo and coworkers reported that the baseplate surface contact area of the Depuy Delta III and Tornier Aequalis (i.