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Resolving logistics access in Europe also requires standardizing the movement of the joint force and developing a resilient and validated hub-and-spoke distribution capability to support JR-SOI, force projection, and sustainment of an ancillary network of multimodal sea and aerial ports of debarkation to augment host-nation bases.
The seams highlighted in the interviews were the air and surface theater boundary, lack of common systems for managing requirements and capabilities, managing of modes separately, the point of interaction between aerial ports and the movement control team (MCT) and arrival/departure airfield control group (A/DACG), and finally, the managing of priorities for movement.
During 2007, aerial port personnel executed over 14,000 missions, transporting more than 970,000 tons of cargo and 3 million passengers.
As we examine ways to make our system operate more efficiently across the enterprise, it becomes readily apparent that the timing is right to address the commercialization of the USCENTCOM aerial port structure--the foundation from which our theater airlift system flows.
We were augmented at this time by the 5th MAPS, a mobile aerial port unit originally deployed from RAF Mildenhall, England, to operate at Dhahran Air Base.
AMC Aerial Port Cargo and Passenger Operations Air Mobility Command
These logistics hubs and other locations were essential to the hub-and-spoke network required to support troops at less developed locations that did not have fixed-wing aerial ports for delivery.
Homestead Air Reserve Base, Fla., located approximately 25 miles southwest of Miami, was established as one of two aerial ports of embarkation for the relief efforts, serving as a staging area for Air Force, Marine, Navy and Coast Guard troops, equipment and supplies to be flown into Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Transportation Command, a once-a-week AMC flight among theater aerial ports is scheduled for replacement by a contract truck agreement that can make deliveries within 24 hours on demand.
In August, AMC and DLA introduced an electronic interface between DLA Distribution Standard System (DSS) and the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES) that improves the information flow between DLA's consolidation and containerization points (CCPs) and Air Force aerial ports of embarkation (APOEs).
The new interface will improve information flow between DLA's Consolidation and Containerization Points (CCPs) information system and the one used at Air Force aerial ports.
The goal is for our aerial ports to not be seen as storage facilities but as efficient transfer points."
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