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ARBSAerial Refueling Boom System (EADS North America)
ARBSAnnual Review of Biomedical Sciences
ARBSAngle Rate Bombing System
ARBSAngle Rate Bombing Set
ARBSAlgorithmic and Rule-Based Blackboard System
ARBSAutomated Repair Bureau System (Sprint)
ARBSAngular/Angle-Rate Bombing System
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The A330 MRTT is offered with a choice of proven air-to-air refuelling systems including an advanced Airbus Defence and Space Aerial Refueling Boom System, and/or a pair of under-wing hose and drogue pods, and/or a Fuselage Refueling Unit.
The A330 MRTT for the country's air force features a fly-by-wire aerial refueling boom system and a universal aerial refueling receptacle slipway installation for refueling from another tanker.
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