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AITAdvanced Individual Training
AITAmerican Institute of Technology
AITAsian Institute of Technology
AITAdvanced Internet Technologies, Inc.
AITAmerican Institute in Taiwan
AITAdvanced Intelligent Tape (tape backup)
AITAgreement on Internal Trade
AITAuditory Integration Training
AITApplied Industrial Technologies, Inc. (stock symbol)
AITAutomatic Identification Technology (Army)
AITAlliance Internationale de Tourisme
AITAdvanced Intelligent Tape (Sony)
AITAn Inconvenient Truth (2006 documentary on global warming)
AITAsylum and Immigration Tribunal (UK)
AITAthens Information Technology (Greece)
AITAssociation Internationale des Travailleurs (French: International Workers Association; UK)
AITAccident Ischémique Transitoire (French: Transient Ischemic Attack)
AITAustrian Institute of Technology
AITAssociate in Information Technology (AICPCU)
AITAgency for Instructional Technology
AITAsociación Internacional de los Trabajadores (Spanish: International Association of Workers)
AITAtomic International Time
AITAdministrator in Training
AITApplied Information Technologies
AITAlgorithmic Information Theory
AITAutomated Identification Technology
AITAssembly, Integration, and Test
AITAuto-Ignition Temperature
AITAtaque Isquémico Transitorio (Spanish)
AITAutomated Information Technology
AITAlteration Installation Team
AITAllyl Isothiocyanate (antimicrobial agent)
AITAlberta Infrastructure and Transportation (Canada)
AITAssociation des Internautes Territoriaux (French: Territorial Association of Internet Users)
AITApplication Information Table (DVB broadcast data)
AITAtmospheric Interceptor Technology
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AITAllergy Immunotherapy Tablet
AITAnterior Inferotemporal
AITArtificially Inflated Traffic (telecommunications fraud; UK)
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AITAssociació Internacional de Treballadors
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AITAdvanced Interceptor Technology (Army)
AITAngewandte Informationstechnik, GmbH
AITAerospace Information Technology
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AITAutologous Intraoperative Transfusion
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AITActivity Installation Team (SAIC)
AITAir Intelligence Technician
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AITAdvanced Integration Team
AITAdvanced Infrastructure Technologies (various locations)
AITArt in Translation (online journal; Visual Arts Research Institute; Edinburgh, UK)
AITAirman in Training (US Air Force)
AITAbsolute Information Technology Services, LLC (Westerville, OH)
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Similarly, Boeing retained control of overall design and assembly of key components in its alliances with Mitsubishi, Fuji, Kawasaki, and Aeritalia.
The European Fighter Aircraft programme is managed by Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH in Germany, a consortium which includes the leading aircraft manufacturers of the four partner countries: Aeritalia (21 per cent), British Aerospace (33 per cent), Casa (13 per cent) and MBB (33 per cent).
BAe will build prototypes P02, P03 and P05, Aeritalia P04 and P08 and Casa P07.
BAe is in charge of the front fuselage and half of the right wing, MBB of the central part of the fuselage and half of the aft fuselage section, Aeritalia of the left wing and half of the aft fuselage section and Casa of the aft fuselage section plus half of the right wing.
The Italian firm of Aeritalia resulted from the merger in 1972 between Fiat's aeronautical division (whose origins date back to the beginning of the century) and IRI-Finmeccanica.
In April 1978 Aeritalia and Aermacchi agreed to undertake joint design studies and market assessments.
Within Italy, Aeritalia would carry out two-thirds of the Italian share of the programme, i.
CASA showed its CN-235 and Aeritalia the G-222, both of which are competing for in-country co-production in a proposed 52-unit Light Transport Aircraft programme.
PHOTO : The Aeritalia G-222 twin-turboprop aircraft, in service with the Italian Air Force since April 1978, was at Ankara.
Incidentally, the Tilt-Rotor Pavilion was shared by Aeritalia, British Aerospace, C.
As a substitute for the C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transall cargo-planes a consortium consisting of Aeritalia, Aerospatiale, British Aerospace, CASA, Lockheed and MBB is studying a so-called Future International Military Airlifter (FIMA).
A group of four European aeronautical firms - Aeritalia, Aerospatiale, CASA and MBB - are working on the technology concept and definition of a tilt-rotor aircraft.