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AIREVACAero-Medical Evacuation (US DoD)
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class="textalignThis South Sudan-based new SRIMED Hospital, equipped with necessary components for secondary care medical services, including an operating theatre, labour room, intensive care unit, emergency department, out-patient department, dental surgery, dental workshop, pharmacy, medical store, radiology department, clinical laboratory, ECG room, sterilizing department, bio medical engineering section, medical waste disposal section, freezer mortuary, isolation ward and laundry plus wards, also enjoys an aero-medical evacuation facility with ambulatory resuscitation and ventilation capabilities
'This substantial increase in the actual flight time was largely brought about by the heavy airlift operations of the Wing such as troops deployment and reinforcements most particularly in the military campaign in Marawi; Armed Forces of the Philippines and PAF Logistic flights; humanitarian and disaster relief missions in the aftermath of typhoon Vinta; support to fighter aircraft operations or territorial defense operations; aero-medical evacuation sorties; maritime patrols in the West Philippine Sea and Benham Rise; support to national development efforts and socio-economic initiatives; frequent international flight missions most particularly in Guam and Arizona; VVIP/VIP flights including Presidential sorties and the recent holiday sorties,' the Air Force said.
The outfit of Pakistan Level III Hospital is fully equipped with latest primary care, multi-disciplinary specialized care, advanced surgical services, dental services, mental health services, intensive care unit and skilled Aero-Medical Evacuation Team (AMET) duly augmented with modern pathological and radiological diagnostics.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 25, 2015-Aspen Medical to base aircraft in Liberia for general aviation, aero-medical evacuation
Evacuation of casualties / patients is given due importance during these exercises especially aero evacuation in the form of joint aero-medical evacuation for rapid treatment of acutely injured to decrease mortality3.
The C-27J Spartan is capable of undertaking different missions - from delivering ammunition to front line troops, to conducting aero-medical evacuation of casualties and to supporting humanitarian assistance missions in remote locations and high threat environments.
Going into business for himself, he tried to interest the French in using helicopters for aero-medical evacuation. He flew missions on his own dime at the request of military commanders before the French bought enough helicopters from him to equip a squadron.
These capabilities include deployment support air refueling, air bridge air refueling, global attack air refueling, theater support air refueling (both combat air forces and mobility air forces), aero-medical evacuation, nuclear missions support, presidential airlift support, homeland defense support, joint missions and special operations air refueling.
Army nurse Captain Deb Blythen, who is stationed at the Ohakea Air Force base, near Palmerston North, worked as part of an aero-medical evacuation team on board one of two RNZAF C130 Hercules aircraft which flew to Asia to help the relief effort.
Squadron members credited Sergeant Stewart, their independent-duty medical technician, with stabilizing and preparing three wounded service members for an aero-medical evacuation during the attack.
Oh, how I dream of the days when life was so easy, the job was so clear, before the days of aerospace expeditionary groups, expeditionary airlift squadrons, and expeditionary aero-medical evacuation squadrons (EAES).