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A/MAeromobile (Italian: airplane)
A/MAway Message (AOL Instant Messaging)
A/MAutomatic / Manual
A/MArea to Mass Ratio (measurement)
A/MAmpere Per Meter
A/Mapproach and moor (US DoD)
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AeroMobile and Emirates intend to add GPRS data and Internet capability to the system next year.
AeroMobile will provide all voice, text messaging and GPRS data services for the evaluation, using satellite communications services from Inmarsat.
The AeroMobile system is designed to support incoming and outgoing GSM voice calls and text messages over the Inmarsat hardware already installed in over 1,900 aircraft.
Working with Panasonic and AeroMobile, Air New Zealand will install and obtain FAA certification from Boeing on its incoming fleet of new Boeing 777-300ERs, the first of which is scheduled to enter into service this November.
Over one million airline passengers have now used AeroMobile services since inception.
AeroMobile is designed to initially leverage the proven Inmarsat "Classic" Aero H, H+ & I satcom systems already installed on the majority of today's long-haul commercial aircraft.
Both Butler and David Coiley, director, marketing and strategic relationships for AeroMobile Ltd.
AeroMobile will deliver proven and reliable cellular calling, initially for passengers on long-haul flights, and later for users on regional flights and business aviation aircraft.
AeroMobile AeroMobile is to revolutionise credit card payments for airlines and passengers by bringing "chip-and-pin" to the sky.
We estimate that the in-flight cellular services offered by OnAir and AeroMobile, using Inmarsat satellite equipment, will need to generate much higher end-user revenues than the $100,000 per plane achieved by Connexion before the service reaches breakeven for airlines on a standalone basis.
The new picocell, combined with a unique AeroMobile antenna, will provide full cabin coverage for passengers to use their personal GSM handsets.
airberlin is the first airline to offer the AeroMobile 3G eXPhone service.