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Springston, 2011a: Observations of the first aerosol indirect effect shallow cumuli.
Similarly, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admits to a "very low" level of scientific understanding on an "aerosol indirect effect" that the panel acknowledges is cooling the climate system at a hefty rate (aerosols are particles so fine they float in air).
Gettleman, 2009: Constraining cloud droplet number concentration in GCMs suppresses the aerosol indirect effect. Geophys.
Discussion centered on four themes where significant progress can be made using ground-based remote sensing, in situ data, and modeling: 1) aerosol indirect effects and the cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) budget, 2) precipitation, 3) entrainment and mixing, and 4) mesoscale organization.
This is known as the aerosol indirect effect (e.g., Rap et al.
WRF-Solar WRF Solar energy Output DNI and DIF -- applications High-frequency output of -- surface irradiance Solar position algorithm EOT is not included includes EOT Aerosol-radiation Observed/model climatologies Model climatology feedbacks or time-varying aerosols Cloud-aerosol Aerosol indirect effect - feedbacks represented Cloud-radiation Cloud particles consistent -- feedbacks in radiation and microphysics Shallow cumulus feedback to -- radiation Fully coupled aerosol-cloud- Uncoupled radiation system Table 2.
They show that a significant fraction of the overall aerosol indirect effect may be related to precipitation suppression by aerosols and its impact upon the turbulent kinetic energy and moisture budget of the boundary layer (Albrecht 1989; Ackerman et al.
The increase in near-coastal cloud droplet number concentrations attributed to activated sulfate particles increases their cloud brightness or albedo significantly for the same cloud liquid water path, which is known as the first or Twomey aerosol indirect effect (Painemal and Zuidema 2013; Q.
Nudged climate simulations help verification, although some of the feedback effects (e.g., aerosol indirect effects) will be suppressed by the nudging.
Wood, "Aerosol indirect effects on tropical convection characteristics under conditions of radiative-convective equilibrium," Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, vol.
(2012) used data from MPACE and ISDAC to test three aerosol indirect effects hypothesized to act in mixed-phase clouds: the riming indirect effect, the glaciation indirect effect, and the thermodynamic indirect effect.