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ARCTAS studied the influx of midlatitude pollution, boreal forest fires, aerosol radiative forcing, and chemical processes.
However, due to our poor knowledge regarding the spatial and temporal distribution of aerosols and their characteristics, large uncertainties exist in quantifying the aerosol radiative forcing [1].
Estimates of aerosol radiative forcing from the MACC re-analysis.
The clear sky total (direct + diffuse) aerosol radiative forcing at the surface and top of the atmosphere was calculated in the shortwave (0.2-4.0 [micro]m) region using the SBDART model, developed by Ricchiazzi et al.
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To estimate global aerosol radiative forcing, measurements of aerosol optical properties are made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL)'s Global Monitoring Division (GMD) and their collaborators at 30 monitoring locations around the world.
Therefore, there is a difference between the distribution of the BC aerosol radiative forcing and the concentrations.
[7] showed that BC contributes 55%-70% of the aerosol radiative forcing at the surface and dominates (57%-82%) optical properties and the radiative effects in the urban environment.
Profile data on aerosols now offer new insights into how they are transported and mixed in the atmosphere and new insights into aerosol radiative forcing, and they have directly assisted in routine assimilation of aerosol information.
Ma et al., "Aerosol radiative forcing under clear, hazy, foggy, and dusty weather conditions over Beijing, China," Geophysical Research Letters, vol.
At present, it seems unlikely that particle microphysical and chemical properties can be retrieved from remote sensing measurements alone at the level of accuracy required to substantially reduce uncertainties in total direct aerosol radiative forcing (DARF), its anthropogenic component, aerosol-cloud interactions, horizontal material transports, surface-atmosphere aerosol fluxes, and air quality-related applications (e.g., IPCC 2007, 2013).
Aerosol Radiative Forcing and Implications to Atmospheric Heating Rate.
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