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A single compact disc will include abstracts and bibliographic information for all technical papers presented at SAE aerospace meetings, articles from Aerospace Engineering magazine, SAE's aerospace technical books and proceedings, and all current SAE aerospace standards and specifications.
Technical experts from prime contractors, suppliers and the government work together to establish requirements for approval of suppliers based on SAE Aerospace Standards. PRI schedules supplier audits and assigns approved auditors to conduct the audits.
According to Ansys, there is no current process in place for compliance with worldwide aerospace standards in Russia, but its new agreement with GosNIIAS will help fill this void and make compliance with aerospace standards more attainable for this emerging market.
The company had test sites at Ringwood and Wimborne but the new combined labs have three chambers for EMC testing to military and aerospace standards, a further two for mainly commercial testing, and a sixth equipped to carry out transient testing;.
His main responsibility as aerospace quality manager is to ensure that all heat treatment processes conform to aerospace standards where required.
Standards Search provides access to information about SAE's Ground Vehicle Standards and Aerospace Standards, and MOVE PLUS includes information on all of the above-mentioned SAE publications.
Their database can be searched using several key search features such as by manufacturer and by Aerospace standards, such as BAC, AN, NAS, and MS specs.
In addition to three EMC chambers geared up for full military and commercial aerospace standards, which includes up to 20 individual tests, another pair will be dedicated to CE mark and FCC approvals for all manner of products, while one other will look at transient testing.
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