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The Government shutdown, which looks to be a drag on fourth quarter GDP, came to a stop after an ultra-conservative faction of the Republican Party refused any deal that did not include a repeal or delay of the US president's signature healthcare reform, Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act known as 'Obamacare' There is no direct link between the passage of the federal budget and Obamacare, which became law three years ago.
While pharmacies have been an embedded component of the combination food/drug store format for the better part of 30 years, the shifting sands of intense drug channel competition, the proliferation of preferred network providers, and other related shifts yet to be revealed in tandem with the Affordable Healthcare Act portend further transformative changes for pharmacy operations, atop others already in progress - all of which will make it that much more difficult for supermarkets to compete.
Healthcare--With business owners nervous about the costs of the Affordable Healthcare Act, predictions are slightly unstable.
Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Healthcare Act.
Regardless of delays in its implementation, compliance with the mandates of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) demands that LTC organizations prepare now.
Forbes said Republicans should avoid big showdowns in Congress that are likely to fail, and focus on smaller adjustments, such as forcing the Senate to set a budget as part of any debt ceiling extension deal, or not allowing Medicare funding to be used to help fund the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act.
Arden, partner at Jones Day law firm, thought it would be very difficult to attack Dodd-Frank on constitutional grounds in light of the US Supreme Court having, in June 2012, upheld President Barack Obama's other signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Healthcare Act.
He said Republicans in the House have since relented, but want to pay for it by cutting that section of the Affordable Healthcare Act which would set aside money for preventive healthcare.
Other key legislative issues relevant to nursing and the public include: provider acknowledgement of safe injection practices, patient safety checklist reflecting staff action and patient outcomes, online public notification of hospital sentinel event reports; required transparency in health care facility report of the top 50 readmission diagnoses; patient notification of hospital acquired illness; bill passage permitting licensure for Medication Aides-Certified (MAC's); creation of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange under the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010 and statewide health insurance information exchange--electronic records for Nevada's patients.
Realizing the vision of the Affordable Healthcare Act, however, will require a transformation of many aspects of our healthcare system, most notably pertaining to advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs).
The second obstacle to changes in AHCCCS eligibility is found in the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act.
Conventional medicine will no longer have the upper hand in the insurance game if the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (H.
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