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ANAACAfghan National Army Air Corps (Afghanistan)
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2010; see Elizabeth Burke, "Airmen train Afghan National Army Air Corps' first C-27 pilot," U.S.
government's decision to spend 648 million dollars to buy or refurbish Russian helicopters for the Afghan National Army Air Corps has been drawing flak from some members of the US Congress.
The Cessna 208 Grand Caravan is widely considered the USAF's first choice for the contract to supply up to 60 aircraft to the Afghan National Army Air Corps. Mar 26, 2010
Gates' plane was grounded in Kabul by bad weather, scrapping plans to visit troops in Kandahar and instead leading to impromptu visits to the Afghan National Army Air Corps headquarters at Kabul International Airport and the United States Embassy.
The Afghan National Army Air Corps has also worked with the commandos in offensive operations.
Teach me!' He laughed at me and agreed." Now 47, Abdulghias is doing a job his Russian mentor could not have possibly imagined: He is helping the United States resurrect the Afghan National Army Air Corps -- a force all but destroyed in the U.S.-led war against the Taliban in 2001.
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KABUL (PAN): After an absence of nearly a decade from the battlefield, the Afghan Mi-35 is again flying the skies, thanks to pilots from the Afghan National Army Air Corps (ANAAC) and the Czech Republic.
KABUL (PAN): The Afghan National Army Air Corps (ANAAC) recently demonstrated its new capability when it supported its first major operation for the Afghan National Army (ANA), moving more troops and cargo than ISAF.
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