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AFGHAir Force General Headquarters (China)
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Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) meanwhile said the Lapis Lazuli Route will connect Afghanistan to European markets which will then have a positive impact on Afghanistan's economy.
India blames Pakistan for terrorist events occurring in Afghanistan to build a case that the freedom struggle in Jammu and Kashmir is also being backed by Pakistan.
He reiterated Pakistan's commitment to peace and stability of the region and said Pakistan had always supported all peace initiatives for Afghanistan.
According to sources, British Prime Minister's Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Gareth Bayley accompanied by British High Commissioner to Pakistan Thomas Drew, met National Security Adviser Janjua and exchanged views on regional peace , security and stability with reference to evolving political and security situation in Afghanistan.
He also said that peace in Afghanistan is vital for peace in Pakistan.
On the contrary, President Ghani's top US military commander in Afghanistan, Gen John Nicholson, thinks the new US war strategy in Afghanistan would achieve its objectives and the foremost of which is to defeat the Taliban.
Afghanistan's Khaama Press news agency quoted Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries Khan Deputy Chairman Jan Alokozai as saying that the new route would help in exporting fresh fruits and other commodities from Afghanistan.
He said it was decided that lasting peace in Afghanistan was important for stability in the region and vowed to continue working together for peace in Afghanistan.
Pakhtun population of Afghanistan is certainly very happy with the arrival of Hikmatyar and they have a reason to be happy as well.
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Timo Soini reaffirmed the commitment of his country to strengthening security cooperation with Afghanistan in the framework of Resolute Support Mission, and said that Finland declared to cooperate with Afghanistan in areas of strengthening Afghan Security and Defense Forces and providing economic Support in Warsaw and Brussels Conferences respectively.
For, India Afghanistan remained a concentration due to its strategic policy and Pakistan for its economic causes.
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