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She stressed that Pakistani business community should visit Afghanistan to identify potential areas of business collaboration and assured that her Embassy would provide visa facilitation to genuine businessmen.
She highlighted agriculture, energy, mining, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication and carpet making as potential areas for investment in Afghanistan.
Russia seemingly wishes to gain two key objectives: accelerate the process of American withdrawal from Afghanistan and increase Russian influence over the Taliban.
" Qureshi reiterated that Pakistan wanted to see a peaceful and democratic Afghanistan. He added that advancing the cause of peace and stability in Afghanistan is in Pakistan's own national interest.
The Board of Control of Cricket in India and Afghanistan Cricket Board share good cricketing relations.
The minister stressed that over 15 documents have been signed between Azerbaijan and Afghanistan in the trade and economic sphere.
Inviting Afghanistan to make a new beginning, Qureshi said Pakistan and Afghanistan have a shared future.
He said Pakistan played its due role in development of Afghanistan, pledging projects worth one billion dollars.
'I have visited different countries and held meetings with the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad to find a way for peace in the neighbouring country,' he added.
Mr Mohmand said there were many theories about the 9/11 incident (who carried out the attacks and whether any Afghan was involved) that made the US invade Afghanistan. In 2001, the attack was launched and seven or eight months later President Bush announced that Afghanistan had been liberated, and 'the liberation continues'.
I think two factors have forced America to engage the Taliban to bring peace in Afghanistan. One, Taliban have established a much stronger foothold than ever before, in some of the northern provinces they have pushed the national security forces off their positions and captured major areas in Afghanistan.
International Contact Group (ICG) on Afghanistan thanked Qatar for its efforts in building peace in Afghanistan and decided to hold its next meeting in Doha this year.
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