AFLASAviation Fuels Logistical Area Summary (US DoD)
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Said to be less costly than FFKMs, Aflas FEPM copolymers are clean, resistant to abrasion, maintain their elasticity, and are able to withstand repeated use in high temperatures, according to the company.
Robert Berger, Executive Director - Fashion & Lifestyle of Kerry Logistics (Hong Kong), said, "We are thrilled to win the titles again and deeply grateful to the AFLAS organisers and readers of Asia Cargo News for their votes of confidence.
The AFLAS Awards are organised by Asia Cargo News and are held annually.
Alguns compostos assumem interesse medico-sanitario com reconhecimento em quatro aflatoxinas (AFLA): B1, B2, G1 e G2, sendo que estas foram tambem caracterizados derivados hidroxilados das AFLA B1 e G1, denominados de B2a e G2a.
The AFLAS Awards is an annual event hosted by Asia Cargo News to recognise best performing industry leaders in seaports, airports, shipping, aviation, and logistics.
Asia Cargo News magazine, the organisers of the Aflas, picked the winners through a nomination and voting process where more than 15,000 readers and subscribers determined the market's leading firms and then chose the winners.
"Like AGC Chemicals, Zeon has a proud history manufacturing world-class products and can now add AFLAS to their portfolio."
Quadri, Scientist C, NIN, Hyderabad, participated in the IV AFLAS Congress Meeting in Conjunction with V AMMRA Meeting and XI CSLAS Annual Meeting, at Taiwan (November 9-11, 2011).
(28.) Technical literature on "AFLAS," Asahi Glass Co., Yokohama, Japan.
A variety of elastomers are available, such as EPDM, Viton, and AFLAS. The new valves are direct-acting, two-way, normally closed diaphragm valves using the company's Dri-Solenoid design, in which a flexible diaphragm is used to isolate the valve's metallic parts from the fluid being handled.
As of this month, its imported Aflon COP (ETFE) and PFA materials, as well as Aflas fluoroelastomers, are now supplied by AG Fluoropolymers USA, Inc., Chadds Ford, Pa.