AFLASAviation Fuels Logistical Area Summary (DoD)
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The AFLAS award in Shanghai underlines the global reputation we have and is a testimony to the excellent teamwork of our people at Jebel Ali Port and their commitment to creating the most productive, efficient and safe services in the region," he added.
Like AGC Chemicals, Zeon has a proud history manufacturing world-class products and can now add AFLAS to their portfolio.
Aflas 100 is resistant to acids, bases, solvents, hydrocarbons, sour oil and amines, as well as extreme temperature ranges and high-pressure environments.
Products made of Aflas 600X are said to last longer in the wet, high-pressure, amine- and base-rich environments of oil and gas recovery, and they do not deteriorate under prolonged exposure at 230[degrees]C.
The AFLAS Awards, hosted and organized annually by Asia Cargo News, recognize leading service providers including air and shipping lines; air and sea ports; and logistics, 3PLs and other associated industry professionals.
Aflas PM-1100 imparts a continuous service temperature at 230[degrees]C, with peak excursion exposure to 250[degrees]C.
AFLAS provides distinctive accolade to top players in the industry for representing leadership, consistency in service quality, innovation, customer relationship management and reliability.
To meet the challenges of operating in these harsh environments, the company has developed the Aflas FFKM series PM-1100 and PM-3000 as superior resins for fabricating o-rings, gaskets and other oilfield seals and packings.
AFLAS is organised annually by Asia Cargo News, a publication which recognises leading service providers including air and shipping lines, air and sea ports, and logistics, 3PLs and other associated industry professionals.
Aflas PM-1100 and PM-3000 ultra heat-resistant peroxide-curable perfluoroelastomers were developed for o-rings, gaskets, oilfield seals, packings and other equipment parts to better withstand the extreme heat generated in oil and gas exploration and production.
Services offered: Fluoroelastomer, HNBR and Aflas mixing
Alternating copolymers of tetrafuoroethylene and propylene, Aflas is said to impart unique properties over conventional FKMtype fluoroelastomers.