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AFLPAmplified Fragment Length Polymorphism
AFLPAdolescent Family Life Program (California Department of Public Health)
AFLPAcute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy
AFLPAllen Family Limited Partnership (dairy industry)
AFLPAlberta Farm Loan Program (Alberta Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Canada)
AFLPAir Force Lead Program (USAF)
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The Mantel test (Mantel, 1967) was used to determine the correlation of similarity matrices obtained from ISSR, AFLP, and SRAP analyses.
We limited our simulated sampling scheme to a maximum of 50 tillers because anything greater would make the cost of AFLP's prohibitive.
DNA was extracted using a silica-based DNA extraction protocol (Stoner et al., 1999) and AFLP was performed as described (De Tomaso et al., 1998).
There were 3 cases of maternal death grouped under AFLP. All took place at the same tertiary hospital and its geographical drainage area, all the patients were relatively young (26--30 years), parity 2 and in the second half of pregnancy, and all presented with jaundice and abdominal pain.
The present study was focused on estimation of genetic diversity and the relationship of 44 local mustard (Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss) germplasm accessions using fluorescent-based AFLP (FAFLP) markers.
The key to management of AFLP is timeous diagnosis and prompt termination of pregnancy or delivery, requiring a multidisciplinary approach in an intensive care unit.
Los marcadores AFLP han sido ampliamente empleados porque permiten una exploracion rapida de los polimorfismos del genoma, generan un gran numero de bandas por experimento, son altamente reproducibles, no necesita informacion previa del genoma para su aplicacion, tiene caracter codominante y permite el uso de pequenas cantidades de ADN (Vos et al.
Given the patients' clinical presentation, biochemical profile, and imaging findings, the obstetricians suspected AFLP. The patient underwent delivery by Cesarean section; however, bilirubin and liver enzyme levels gradually increased after delivery.
The objective of this study was to apply the AFLP marker system to Phalaenopsis, to develop maternal and paternal pure-coupling phase AFLP markers, and construct linkage maps using the mapping strategy of "two-way pseudo-testcross".
The AFLP analysis was conducted by selecting the specimens with the 20 highest- and 20 lowest-IMF content from the 620 commercially crossbred pigs.
WeiQi, "Identification of AFLP fragments linked to seedlessness in Ponkan mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) and conversion to SCAR markers," Scientia Horticulturae, vol.