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AFRIAnnuaire Français de Relations Internationales (French: French Directory of International Relations)
AFRIArid Forest Research Institute (India)
AFRIAcute Febrile Respiratory Illness
AFRIAir Force Research Institute (Montgomery, AL)
AFRIArmed Forces Reunions, Inc. (est. 1988; Norfolk, VA)
AFRIAmerican Fund Raising Institute, Inc.
AFRIApproved Force Retention Increment
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Additional AFRI funding will be able to support more of the excellent proposals that ASABE members and others submit to AFRI each year; only about 30% of the proposals recommended for funding by review panels over the past two years were able to be funded.
Following the initiation of treatment, a significant decrease (P < 0.05) in the concentrations of activin-A, AFRI, BFRI, and ASFRI was observed at 4 W, 12 W, and 24 W compared to the PC group and the levels were similar to the NC (P > 0.05).
The AFRI study identified several factors that stand out as having
The results refute the logical assumption of finding a >10% GI and >3.9% AFRI health risk within the 100 m distance interval.
Other cooperative oat and barley projects are made possible through funding from USDA's Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).
A joint statement gave by the Ethiopian culture and Tourism state minister and Sudanese embassy said that over 25 Ethiopian, Sudanese and Egyptian printing organizations will take part at the expo named as Afri Print.
The head of operations of Afri Tea and Coffee Blenders Limited, Sarujit Sarma, said they would soon start exporting their products using different Tanzanian brands.
"I probably lost an extra year because of that, but luckily I had afri end who was physio at Ajax.
For making competitive grants, NIFA will replace the National Research Initiative (NRI) with the new Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI).
The proposed website is being supported by the Latin America Solidarity Centre in Dublin, Amnesty International, the Irish Anti-War Movement and NGOs Afri and Trocaire.
A: Scholars believe that the seafaring Phoenicians, who lived in an area of present-day Lebanon about 3,000 years ago, called one of their trading partners either Afri or Afridi.
As Budick rightly points out, what Ralph Ellsion rejects in Irving Howe and Stanley Hyman echoes what James Baldwin means by "stranger" in "Stranger in the Village": African American literature is not controlled by, but rather participates in, the creation of Western culture; the Afri can American is not the "stranger" in America.