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AFRICOMAfrica Command
AFRICOMInternational Council of African Museums
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Formal efforts to establish an Africa Command, or AFRICOM, began in mid-2006, under former U.S.
Africa Command, Africa Endeavor is an annual senior leader communications symposium designed to help develop multinational communications practices for peacekeeping, disaster response and counterterrorism missions mandated by the African Union and the United Nations.
According to the media outlet, chief of US Africa Command (AFRICOM) Gen.
That would leave about 700 troops -- roughly the same number as in 2014, according to data from the Africa Command's special operations branch.
Africa Command's maritime boundary will include the Cape Verde zone; and U.S.
Africa Command. He added that the hit targets mainly included airports and their defense systems; noting that no US plane was hit by enemy fire.
Africa Command area of responsibility, and is designed to promote interoperability and mutual understanding of each nation's military tactics, techniques and procedures," Africom said on May 10.
Counterterrorism is now a major focus of the nascent United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) for short.
Africa Command (AFRICOM), said Wednesday in Algiers.
Africa Command (AFRICOM), Ghanaian Armed Forces Joint Press Conference
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