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(26) Africa News Service, Alternative Rite to Female Circumcision Spreading in Kenya by Malik Stan Reaves November 1997: "The new rite is known as 'Ntanira na Mugambo' or 'Circumcision Through Words'.
Although Africa News Service will continue periodic reporting and production for our traditional outlets such as The Washington Post, National Public Radio and the BBC World Service, most of our current efforts are devoted to an electronic news network, Africa News Online.
For a nonprofit agency like Africa News Service, choosing the most effective way to distribute our information has been critical.
Africa News Service contributes editorial and marketing experience in preparing the news packages and selling them to an international clientele, along with the technological expertise required for successful distribution.
Reed Kramer, Managing Editor of Africa News Service, based in Durham, N.
Africa News Service, with a budget that fluctuates between $200,000 and $750,000 annually, receives relatively little revenue from publications.
MITCHELL KAPOR - To honor the request to be helpful, specifically, to Africa News Service requires a much fuller investigation into the facts than we have time here.
But let me also say that it can't be right that the future of Africa News Service has to depend on the success of an on-line news venture or on-line service in the short run, because in the short run, it's just not going to be there.
So, until we know: what is it about Africa News Service that must be done in this way and can take advantage of these new technologies, we're going to throw a lot of money down a hole and not really have a chance to get it back.
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