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AGMKAfrican Green Monkey Kidney
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African green monkey kidney Vero cells require de novo protein synthesis for efficient herpes simplex virus 1-dependent apoptosis.
Solange Gennari, USP) foram inoculados em oito cultivos celulares: cultivo primario de rim, pulmao e testiculo bovino; celulas MDBK (Madin Darby bovine kidney), MDCK (Madin Darby canine kidney), RK-13 (rabbit kidney), MA-104 (African Green Monkey kidney cells) e VERO (African Green Monkey kidney cells).
The antisera were incubated with African green monkey kidney Vero cells infected by SARS-CoV obtained from a SARS patient.
Most importantly, African Green Monkey Kidney cells offer the researcher/investigator the luxury of having one cell line that can be used not only for isolation but also for the production of a potential viral vaccine, eliminating the need to adapt to another cell system.
COS cells are a derivative of the African green monkey kidney fibroblast cell line CV-1, which is highly susceptible to SARS-CoV.
The lines and cell cultures used were African green monkey kidney (BGMK), Monkey Rhesus female kidney embryonic (FRhK-4), and Monkey African green kidney (MA-104).
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