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ATBFAdipose Tissue Blood Flow
ATBFAfrican Tick-Bite Fever
ATBFAustralasian Tissue Banking Forum
ATBFAlan T. Brown Foundation to Cure Paralysis (est. 1988; New York, NY)
ATBFAsian Tchoukball Federation
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Outbreak of African tick-bite fever in six Italian tourists returning from South Africa.
parkeri was an often unrecognized cause of a mild tick-transmitted febrile illness accompanied by multiple eschars, maculopapular rash, regional lymphadenopathy, and transient leukopenia and transaminitis that closely resembled African tick-bite fever and responded rapidly to antibiotic therapy with oral doxycycline.
African tick-bite fever is the commonest cause of rickettsial disease in returning travellers.
African tick-bite fever is a neglected disease that has been mainly detected in tourists who were bitten by a tick while traveling in disease-endemic areas (2).
To the Editor: The first human case of African tick-bite fever was described in 1992 as occurring in Zimbabwe.
This section also includes photographs of physical findings in travelers; the photographs highlight such diseases as African tick-bite fever, chikungunya, dengue, swimmer's itch, African trypanosomiasis, leishmaniasis, measles, tungiasis, and cutaneous larva migrans.
Histologic features and immunodetection of African tick-bite fever eschar.
African tick-bite fever (ATBF) is a rickettsiosis caused by Rickettsia africae.
Rickettsia africae is the agent of African tick-bite fever, a mild but common disease of local persons and tourists in Africa.
To the Editor: African tick-bite fever (ATBF) is caused by Rickettsia africae and remains the most common tickborne rickettsiosis in sub-Saharan Africa (1,2).
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