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AACUCAfrican-American Credit Union Coalition
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Nominations are now being accepted for the Pete Crear Lifetime Achievement award by the African-American Credit Union Coalition.
Bert Hash, chairman of the African-American Credit Union Coalition, said his organization supports the agency's attempts to guarantee safe sound financial institutions, but he was disturbed by loss of a credit union with field of membership that needs credit union services.
The African-American Credit Union Coalition is also mourning Gaymon's loss saying he was a longtime supporter of the group and an "advocate for emerging leaders in the credit union movement.
Harvey, a past chair of the Washington Credit Union League and the African-American Credit Union Coalition, joined the Seattle CU in 1992 after previously serving as both vice president of loans and operations at Lockheed FCU in Burbank, Calif.
The others include the African-American Credit Union Coalition (Pete Crear Fund), the World Council of Credit Unions (International Development Fund), and the NCUF & State Credit Union Foundations (General Fund).
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