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But if this suggests continuity with slaves' African past, Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec warns readers--especially partisans in long-standing debates about "creolization" and "Africanization" in New World slave societies--to consider the important context in which such processes actually took place.
In other words, the projects of Africanization and Black Consciousness as "renewal concepts" (5) of liberation converge at this quintessential prototype of the dilemmas of the blackness of humanity, namely, Tiyo Soga.
Such new information concerning the possible origins of this painting will be of particular interest to scholars because Maurin's Africanization of Louverture has often been viewed as an emblem of French racism, but when interpreted as having been "[p]ainted by the hand of a known admirer," in the words of the editors, "this small portrait becomes an act of homage" (xlix).
Perhaps most importantly, for all of their potential, the Africanization of PKOs leads to two fundamental problems: using the armed forces of states that lack military and economic capacity, and risking legitimacy and impartiality--witness the Chadian deployment as part of the current AU International Support Mission to the Central African Republic (MISCA).
Where formal Africanization does not suffice, double belonging is practiced: the traditional religion remains alive, and the healer is consulted when the priest or the mission hospital cannot bring about the desired healing.
Translation-Africa.com will act as a language platform for new and established businesses breaking into the continent by supporting their business needs through a number of vital language communication services, including translation, Africanization, language localization, transcription, website translation, creative copywriting and consultancy.
One of the hypotheses explaining admixture is the Africanization of Maranhao villages after the trade activities of the General Company of Grao-Para and Maranhao (Figure 1).
Money Has No Smell: The Africanization of New York City.
In the novel, Archanjo symbolically reverses this process through his relations with the Nordic woman Kirsi, whom he impregnates and returns to Scandinavia to begin an "Africanization" of the white races there.
Consequently Achebe's and many other creative English writers' like Soyinka and Gabriel Okra's innovative linguistic strategies of code switching code mixing linguistic hybridization and Africanization of English in the socio-linguistic settings of Anglophone Africa suggest close equivalence to the appropriating linguistic and textual strategies inducted by Roy in her novel.
Credit for whatever simulacrum of postconciliar adaptation, Africanization, or inculturation that existed belonged to European bishops and clergy, not to--if I might paraphrase--their inferior, illiterate, and retrograde African counterparts bereft of theological imagination.