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The degraded performance was attributed to excessive afterburning that overheated the engine oil and fused and jammed bearings.
He achieved a speed of 1,227km/h (763mph) courtesy of two afterburning Rolls Royce Spey engines.
of combustible compounds and a surplus of sensible heat in the gas make it possible to include a waste-heat boiler into the complex of UTT-3000 retort, including afterburning of stack gas, prior to introducing the gases into AFD.
What are the future trends in afterburning equipment?
It also facilitates endurance in the training area owing to moderate fuel consumption when compared to supersonic alternatives with afterburning engines.
GE over the course of the next three years will repair and change components of, and provide "program support" for, 17 of its F414 afterburning turbofan engines, which are utilized to power Navy F/A-18E and -F fighter jets, and EA-18G electronic warfare aircraft.
The QSST will meet, or exceed, all current and anticipated FAA aircraft airport noise and environmental standards as it requires no afterburning engine and produces low en route and takeoff emissions.
91] They would develop a high-performance afterburning turbofan Advanced Technology Engine (ATE), drawing upon the experience gained in the development of the lift-cruise engine of the U.
ITEC) Tuesday announced that its TFE1042-70 afterburning turbofan engine has accumulated more than 100,000 field operating hours in the Republic of China Air Force (RoCAF) Indigenous Defensive Fighter (IDF).
In addition, because closed coating systems with solvent recovery or afterburning are not as common for painting large vehicles as they are in the passenger car industry, paints with a low VOC content are all the more important.