AgBSAmsterdam graduate Business School
AgBSAssociation of Graduate Business Students (Marshall School of Business; University of Southern California)
AgBSAcademia General Básica de Suboficiales (Spanish army NCO academy)
AgBSAcute Guillain-Barre Syndrome
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To qualify in the AGBS, there needs to be an Asean connection.
What makes the AGBS different is that instead of coming up with a very definitive list, or what Europe is embarking on now which is a taxonomy of acceptable green projects, they have a negative list in order to keep things open and flexible.
Both IRC section 501(r)(5) and the proposed regulations require that a tax-exempt hospital limit the amount it charges an individual eligible to receive financial aid under the FAP to no more than the AGB applicable to individuals with insurance covering that care.
The look-back method measures AGB based on actual past claims paid to the tax-exempt hospital by both Medicare fee-for-service and all private health insurers (along with any portions paid by patients--Medicare beneficiaries and insured individuals).
The ceiling on these prices will be AGB, as defined in IRC section 501(r)(5) and as calculated by accountants.
However, challenges exist to estimate biophysical data via available remote sensing technologies, such as optical, radar, and LiDAR data, which form the main tools capable of estimating forest AGB [12, 17-19].
However, an integrated effectiveness evaluation of how the AGB estimated with RS data can be used to study the progress of the forest succession and the secondary forest characteristics that interfere in the biomass estimation is missing.