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AgNORArgyrophilic Nucleolar Organizer Region
AgNORAlpine Gordini Non Oubliées Réunies (French car club)
AgNORSilver-Binding Nucleolar Organizer Region
AgNORAntigen and Nucleolar Organizer Region
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Nucleolar organizer regions (AgNOR) and subepithelial vascularization as field cancerization markers in oral mucosa biopsies of alcoholic and smoking patients.
The AgNOR analysis have been performed to differentiate between the histopathological grading by their cell proliferation.15
Huxford is the director of marketing and business relations at Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC.
Dr Agnor, who is a regular contributor to the BBC's The Sky At Night, will describe the Juno Mission to Jupiter and last year's New Horizons spacecraft that flew past Pluto and sent the first close-up photos.
The effect of different fixatives and length of fixation time on subsequent AgNOR staining for frozen and paraffin-embedded tissue sections.
The distribution of the C-positive bands and AgNOR sites on individual chromosomes was summarized in the presence/absence matrix and a Neighbour Joining Clustering analysis was performed based on the character dataset using the PAST programme [28].
In experiment 1, no statistically significant difference between the mean AgNOR dots obtained for the groups was observed, but, in experiment 2, groups treated with garlic, tomato, and garlic + tomato had significantly lower mean AgNOR dots (10.24 [+ or -] 1.45,12.46 [+ or -] 1.87, and 11.37 [+ or -] 1.55, resp.) than the control group (19.22 [+ or -] 2.95) (Table 1).
Utility of AgNOR, Immunocytochemistry for CEA and Tumer Markers for Diagnosis in Serous Fluids.
In Pierre-Richard Agnor, Marcus Miller, David Vines, and Axel Weber (eds.) The Asian Financial Crisis: Causes, Contagion and Consequences.
24,200 words appeared in anagram sets of size two through eleven, the most fecund set being AGNOR angor argon goran grano groan nagor orang organ rogan Orang Ronga (capitalized and uncapitalized words counted separately).