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AgNORArgyrophilic Nucleolar Organizer Region
AGNORAlpine Gordini Non Oubliées Réunies (French car club)
AgNORSilver-Binding Nucleolar Organizer Region
AgNORAntigen and Nucleolar Organizer Region
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The potentiality of AgNOR counts as tumour marker in cervical carcinogenesis was tested by follow up of 52 cases of mild and 10 cases of moderate dysplasia to observe biological behaviour of dysplasia with initial low and high AgNOR counts.
The outer solar system is where we're making discoveries right now that are changing our fundamental understanding of the solar system," Agnor says.
AgNOR banding followed methods in Howell and Black (1980), and bright-field microscopy followed methods in Gold and Amemiya (1986).
Just the availability of foreign funds is not sufficient to stimulate the economic growth, there is a need of good governance along with better quality of institutions that will act as a catalyst and improves the efficiency of capital, [see for instance, Agnor and Montiel (2010)].
45) Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to analyze the 9p21 deletion has recently been proposed as an adjunct to immunocytochemistry, DNA-image cytometry, and AgNOR (silver-stained nucleolar organizer regions) analysis to establish a cytologic diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma in serous effusions in persistently ambivalent diagnoses.
The winning score for Village Christian came midway through the fourth quarter as a scrambling Jeff Johnston hit receiver Brian Agnor with an 18-yard touchdown pass.
In East Texas, we have determined that the Agnor #6-H, a recently completed well drilled to test the Lower Bossier Shale formation in the outer perimeter of the northern extent of our acreage position in Harrison County, TX, was unsuccessful.
They noted that novel markers of proliferation such as MCM2 and AgNOR may be useful adjuncts in this situation but they present technical difficulties and are not widely used.
The Crusaders scored twice in a span of a minute, on a 32-yard pass from Johnson to Brian Agnor and a 13-yard pass from Johnson to Jim Pritchard.
Net's new data center is one of the best-equipped facilities we've seen in the state, and it was a primary factor in our decision-making process," said Katy Agnor, owner of Hornfans.
Hemangioblastoma and renal clear cell carcinoma distinguished by means of the AgNOR method.