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In the observations reported in the American Physical Review, Agren and co-authors show that PdSe2 can absorb a wider spectrum of solar energy compared to silicon-based materials, allowing a higher conversion rate of solar energy to electricity.
An international project for modelling a new NKG geoid NKG2015 for the Nordic--Baltic region was initiated by the NKG WG-GHS in 2011 (Agren et al.
Otro enfoque senala que el impacto selectivo de los herbivoros es altamente variable en el tiempo y el espacio (Coley, Bryant, & Chapin, 1985; Lehndal & Agren, 2015), lo cual resulta en escenarios complejos que serian esencialmente el reflejo de las diferentes presiones selectivas impuestas por los herbivoros y sus diferentes formas de expresion sobre la planta (por ejemplo, grupos funcionales como minadores, agalleros, cortadores) (Thompson, 2005; Geber & Giffen, 2003; Agren et al., 2013).
2 August 2018 - US-based agribusiness and food company Land O'Lakes has acquired substantially all assets of Iowa, US-based agriculture software provider Agren, Inc., the company said.
Measurements were reduced to a 2000 epoch using the NKG2005LU vertical movement model (Agren and Svensson, 2007).
Agren, "Therapeutic improvement of colonic anastomotic healing under complicated conditions: a systematic review," World Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery, vol.
Massage has also shown to decrease stress and depression, as well as improve overall relaxation in pregnant women (Agren & Berg, 2006; Field, Diego, Hernandez-Reif, Schanberg, & Kuhn, 2004; Osborne, 2008).
It has been observed that zinc salts activate endogenous zinc dependent metallo-proteinases which may facilitate keratinocytes migration (Agren 1999).
C, N and P concentrations in the soil are crucial for ecosystem sustainability and productivity (Agren, 2008; Li et al., 2013).
Lythrum salicaria es auto-incompatible y depende de polinizadores (principalmente abejorros y abejas, pero tambien lepidopteros y sirfidos) para la produccion de semillas (Agren, 1996; Waites & Agren, 2004).