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AGXAbridged Generation X (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
AGXAgribrands International, Inc. (stock symbol; St. Louis, MO)
AGXAuto Glass Expo (International Autobody Congress and Exposition)
AGXAlt.Games.Xtrek (newsgroup)
AgXSilver Zeolite Cartridge (photographic and light sensitive coating)
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For example, AGX used a series of temporal images to record illegal, extraction of sand from a bed in the river Mogi-Guacu for the police, says Bianca Kancelkis, the company's director for environmental projects.
After meeting Keith, he explained how AGX could support us.
Agenix is also developing AGX 1009, a next-generation reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NtRTI) prodrug of tenofovir, for which a CTA is planned to be filed with the Chinese FDA in the second half of 2012 and for which the Company plans to advance into Phase 1 in the second half of 2013.
Offering the widest range of analytical performance, the DST Series AgX Fiber Conduit is the best sampling technology choice for liquid-based reaction monitoring in the lab and plant.
ID leverages the power of SST's agX issue and crop taxonomy data to drive the recording of field-level issues and disorders.
KEITH ROSCOE-JONES is director of visual communication consultancy AGX, in Burscough
RGS") and Emerald Mining & Leasing, LLC ("EML"), Golden 8 Mining, LLC ("G8"), and AgX Resources, Inc.
A number of people said I was mad to be going back to AgX printing, that it was outdated, King continued.
China-focused drug development and diagnostic company Agenix (ASX:AGX) said that the Company was on track to begin clinical trials in China for its lead Hepatitis B drug, AGX 1009.