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AGADAAgir Autrement pour le Développement en Afrique (French)
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In 1942 at age 20 the late Nyeya Agada war Akwei was installed as Nyeya and reigned for 58 years.
Tushabe, 29, was Ogidi's girlfriend at the time, while Agada, 34, was his housemate.
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Hablando especificamente de la quimioterapia, el cumplimiento se define como la "recepcion de los agentes quimioterapeuticos segun lo prescrito, tanto en la dosis como en el momento adecuado" (Omoti & Agada, 2005, p.
We look forward to working with other partners in delivering value to all stakeholders." said Agada Apochi, Managing Director and CEO, Unified Payments.
The extension student's results are consistent with Agada (1998) who found that learners gained social skills and cognitive knowledge through the group investigation method of cooperative learning.
Agada hence has a two point agenda - to increase patient access to healthcare and to improve patient adherence to treatment plan.
In: L'arbre de la vie: MoringaOleifera, Traitement et prevention de la malnutrition, CWS, AGADA (Eds), 1999: 15-26.
indic.) (gen.) AMONG "They sat down among the people." caman dan az me ngar-t-i xsan agada what be 1st companion lacking sing.nom (dat.) (1sg.
2.Shayah A, Agada FO, Gunasekaran S, Jassar P, England RJ.
Grover, Greer, and Agada, library and information management professionals from US universities, cover the information in a detailed and logical order.
We also want to pay homage to his memory by reproducing an excerpt of "O agada da transformacao" (The Agada of Transformation) from Orixas: Os deuses vivos da Africa (1997, our translation).