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AGAMIAction Group on Asylum and Migration (UN High Commissioner for Refugees)
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Caption: Danielle Agami feels social media distracts from the artistic process.
[58] Agami, C.; Couty, F.; Hamon, L.; Prince, B.; Puchot, C.
Tharwat Agami, who heads the chamber of tourist agencies in Luxor, told the UK's ( Daily Mail that there have been about a quarter of tourist cancellations throughout October.
"Many drainage projects have been suspended, such as the Agami and Hannoville projects, and the German project in el-Ameria.
Stressing the need for early detection, Dr Sami Agami, business development manager, Philips Healthcare Middle East, said the survival of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer at stage one is 95 per cent in comparison to those who are detected at
Oman's Esmail Al Agami (left) and UAE's Subait Khatir in action during the 18th Arab Gulf Cup final at the Shaikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi in 2007.
Professor Reuven Agami, of the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, found that the protein, known as BRD7, activates an anti-cancer gene, P53, which is already known to combat breast and other tumours.
Ingestion may have consistent influence on seed germination (Lieberman and Lieberman, 1986, Barnea et al., 1991; Mallet-Rodrigues, 2001), since it can cause changes at external structure of the seeds (thermic, chemical and mechanical action) and consequently dormancy removal (Agami and Waisel, 1988; Izhaki and Safriel, 1990; Barnea et al., 1991), or on seed viability (Figueroa and Castro, 2002).
Agami Reddy is a professor in the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Department at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.
Agami. This was a joint project of the Academy of Accounting Historians and Random House.