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ASRHAdolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
ASRHAge, Sex, Race and Hispanic Origin (population measurement; US Census Bureau)
ASRHAssociation Suisse pour la Recherche Horlogère (French: Swiss Association for Horological Research)
ASRHAllied Services Rehabilitation Hospital (Scranton, PA)
ASRHAssociation of Search & Rescue Hovercraft (UK)
ASRHArmed Services Retirement Home (Gulfport, MS and Washington, DC)
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During 2013-2014, percentages and 95% confidence intervals of secondhand smoke exposure were computed among nonsmokers by age, sex, race and Hispanic origin, poverty, education, housing status, and whether the participant lived with someone who smoked inside the home.
This inverse relationship between educational attainment and likelihood of having a disability was found across age, sex, race and Hispanic origin.
Data for these projections are based on age, sex, race and Hispanic origin. Beginning in 1968, BLS has reviewed and evaluated past labor force projections to determine closeness to the actual figures.
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