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A/SAssistant Secretary
A/SAux Soins De (French: in care of)
A/SAuthorized Shares (stock market)
A/SAnti-Spoofing (US DoD)
A/SAktieselskab (Danish: Joint Stock Company)
A/SAerospace Corporation
A/SAll Square (golf)
A/SAir to Surface
A/SAuxiliary Steam
A/SAscent Stage
A/SAdvanced Supplementary (education testing level; also seen as AS)
A/SAkcijas Sabiedriba (Latvian: Joint Stock Company)
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Here, EXP/POP depicts population-wide expenditure per capita; agesexPOP depicts the matrix of population shares falling into the 92 age/sex cells; and agesexEXP/POP depicts the matrix of age/sex-specific expenditures per capita.
Figure 1 illustrates the age/sex profile of the BC population in 1996 and 2002 and, on the right-hand scale, the total percentage change in the share of the population (male plus female) that fell in the age-specific cohort between 1996 and 2002.
Factors contributing to the age/sex profiles of drug expenditures are illustrated in Figure 3.
The profile of "use" of any drug treatment shows that the share of an age/sex cohort that receives one or more prescription drugs increases slightly with age and is notably higher for females, particularly those of childbearing age.
The age/sex profile of prescriptions filled per patient per therapeutic category had a moderate, positive slope between ages 15 and 65.